Here, I dive into my passion for Coaching and Psychotherapy, where I am today in my journey, and what the future holds.

The following autobiographical interview is taken from the health and wellness publication and repurposed for Medium.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born, and do you still live in your birth country? …

Where does the traditional role of a Business Analysts fit into an agile organization, and what type of training is available to navigate the new world?

Business Analysts

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken with countless Business Analysts who express confusion over where they fit into their agile work environment.

Agile Transformations focus primarily on adopting and cultivating specific roles and corresponding responsibilities pending on the chosen framework.

For example, in Scrum, importance is placed on the…

Everyone experiences trauma, even if you’ve lived a pleasant life. Here’s an easy way you can begin your journey towards recovery.

Burnout and stress concept as person hand holds a burning, human head shaped, paper sheet on a crowded street.

Can we be traumatized even if we’ve had a “nice” life?

People often think we have to suffer from childhood abuse or the war to have trauma. However, this is not true.

Trauma is caused by being overwhelmed and feeling powerless. While the concept is relatively subjective, some good examples…

Saying “no” upfront is a better option than delaying the inevitable.

Blowing off steam from below the earth, Geyser

Have you ever said yes to too many opportunities until you stop and realize that life doesn’t provide enough hours in the day to accommodate all those “yes’s” you’ve committed to?

I am one of those people. And I guarantee I’m not alone.

While I have written extensively on the…

False-Self, True-Self

When the belief systems we adopt as children inform our adult world views and influence psychological theories.

Donald W. Winnicott, an English pediatrician, and psychoanalyst first introduced the theory of False-self and True-Self in 1960. In our final, Part Three story, we delve into Winnicott’s Christian, Wesleyan upbringing and how his False-Self, True Self theory was impacted by his belief system despite the psychoanalyst’s intention for his…

Thank you, Paul!

I think how we approach the topic matters and you may find writing about your experience therapeutic. For me, it is recognizing and honoring the suffering of others while keeping space for my own interpretation.

There are also universal and positive truths for everyone — for example, fewer cars on the road meant lower pollution levels regardless if you caught Covid or not.

Was our old way of living actually working? Not so much. I think Covid is a wake-up call for humans to evaluate our lifestyles and the direct impact each of us has on the environment.

Hope I can read your story soon! Wishing you the best — Lisa

A defining competency of psychotherapy and coaching practices is the safe and effective use of self.

Self-care is a buzzword thrown around haphazardly these days, generating mixed reactions depending on who you talk to. However, the term holds relevance in the therapeutic and coaching community. How can a therapist or coach have safe and effective use of themself while engaging with clients? Enter the acronym “SEUS.”

Digging Deeper Into SEUS

Both types of agreements are equally crucial for establishing and developing agile teams yet serve a different purpose.

In July and August 2021, I supported the activation of two new Agile Product Delivery Teams within the organization I work for. Here was the perfect opportunity to kick start our groups using a co-created mechanism for how we want to behave and work together.

However, when it came to…

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