Here, I dive into my passion for Coaching and Psychotherapy, where I am today in my journey, and what the future holds.

Picture of Lisa Bradburn, January 2020.

Where does the traditional role of a Business Analysts fit into an agile organization, and what type of training is available to navigate the new world?

Business Analysts
Business Analysts discussing latest requirements | Image By GaudiLab, Shutterstock

Let’s break down communication styles based on natural metaphors and relate the concept to Agile Coaching.

What? Can’t see the forest for the trees? | Image By Nicoleta Ionescu, Shutterstock

Everyone experiences trauma, even if you’ve lived a pleasant life. Here’s an easy way you can begin your journey towards recovery.

Burnout and stress concept as person hand holds a burning, human head shaped, paper sheet on a crowded street.
Trauma is in all of us to varying degrees | Image By StunningArt, Shutterstock

Saying “no” upfront is a better option than delaying the inevitable.

Blowing off steam from below the earth, Geyser
Taking on too much means we must blow off steam | Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

We must bring critical thinking and meaningful discourse back into society.

Sure, the hot tub might look nice right now, just wait until everyone climbs in | Image By FOTOGRIN, Shutterstock

False-Self, True-Self

When the belief systems we adopt as children inform our adult world views and influence psychological theories.

Beyond Ourselves, Christian Spiritual Development in Winnicott’s False-Self True-Self Theory | Image By Master1305, Shutterstock
  • Part One — we focus on False-Self theory, beginning with the meaning of the term, followed by origins in childhood, how we cultivate awareness of…

A defining competency of psychotherapy and coaching practices is the safe and effective use of self.

Self-care is required for a therapist or coach to remain present and grounded for clients | Image By Hazal Ak, Shutterstock

Digging Deeper Into SEUS

  1. Awareness of self concerning a professional role.
  2. Sensitivity to power dynamics.
  3. Sensitivity to when personal experience and beliefs can impact.
  4. Diversity/cultural…

Both types of agreements are equally crucial for establishing and developing agile teams yet serve a different purpose.

Creating A Design Alliance & Team Norms That WORK! | Image By GaudiLab, Shutterstock

Design Alliance

Lisa Bradburn

Agile Coach and Psychotherapist-In-Training at the intersection of technology and the human condition. Let’s chat:

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