Here, I dive into my passion for Coaching and Psychotherapy, where I am today in my journey, and what the future holds.

Picture of Lisa Bradburn, January 2020.

The following autobiographical interview is taken from the health and wellness publication and repurposed for Medium.

Finding your voice and knowing its significance delivers ultimate freedom from self-constructed shackles.

Finding Our Inner Voice | Image By eldar nurkovic, Shutterstock

What if you grew up without a voice, devoid of decision-making power or lacking in the knowledge your opinion or desires mattered? What if you began to discover your voice in mid-life? Do you believe this equates to a life unfulfilled or one with an important story to tell?

EMDR Trauma Therapy As A Powerful Aid To Find My Voice

In the early fall of 2019…

The role of a Ski Coach is always to consider how one can improve their practice to mentor others.

Downhill athletes and coaches
Downhill athletes and coaches
Downhill ski athletes and coaches | Image By, Shutterstock

The following story is by guest blogger Jamie Smith, a recipient of the prestigious 2020–2021 Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance (CSIA) Ski Instructor of the Year Award! The CSIA is the professional ski teaching body in Canada. Jamie is an illustrious Ski Coach from the Craigleigh Ski Club, Ontario, and a member I had the pleasure to meet and coach with.

Personal Bias

When wisdom springs from reflection, folly from a reaction.

A car driving on a motorway at high speeds, overtaking other cars
A car driving on a motorway at high speeds, overtaking other cars
A car driving with little control | Image By hxdyl, Shutterstock

Reactance: when you’d rather do the opposite of what someone is trying to make you do — Critical Thinking Cards.

My mother’s second husband, Morley, has a fascinating personality trait. Whenever I was in the car with him, he had a terrible habit of purposefully driving dangerously close to the automobile ahead of us, near bumper to bumper. Most times, I expressed my fear of getting into an accident in the event the vehicle ahead of us slammed on their brake. …

To survive entrepreneurial start-ups, large enterprises formed in the twentieth century must re-evaluate and pivot organizational structures. Here are OD exercises to spark awareness.

Mini Business People In An Organization | Image By PowerUp, Shutterstock

When creating training material, chances are, you developed several iterations to ensure you address the challenge you’re trying to solve. That’s what happened to me. Our group of Agilists had a particular leadership challenge we wanted to solve, yet new, higher priority issues came to light as time passed, causing the training material to evolve.

Objectives of Organizational Design Leadership Training

The following objectives discussed within the leadership training module…

Why do the brain and body shut down when we need our abilities the most in high-stress situations?

An anxious young lady | Image By eldar nurkovic, Shutterstock

I am someone who makes decisions and navigates stressful situations with ease and resilience. Move to foreign countries? No problem. Defy death three times before forty. I’ve got this. When a series of traumatic events hit simultaneously, I was shocked to discover a threshold where my brain and body stopped functioning, preventing me from making large-scale decisions when I needed my abilities the most.

If you want to test out a hypothesis yet unsure where to begin — use these checklists to ensure success.

Happy child who experiments
Happy child who experiments
A happy child who loves to experiment | Image By Sunny studio, Shutterstock

The ability to experiment is a building block of the agile mindset. One can argue experimentation is critical to the Agile Manifesto’s fourth core value:

Responding to change over following a plan.

Goals Of Creative Experimentation

Organizations talk a lot about the need to experiment, yet, before embarking on the unknown, it is essential to understand the goals of a creative experiment within the agile context. Depending on the type of experiment proposed, goals can range from:

  • Expand a person or team’s repertoire of behavior. Understanding why certain behaviors exist and either bolster the right actions or pivot away from undesirable ones is vital.

Perfectionism is on the rise. Learn how to identify destructive behaviors through agile metrics and shift mindsets.

Shirt, notebook with pen. Office woman’s flatlay on wooden table. Look in dark shades.
Shirt, notebook with pen. Office woman’s flatlay on wooden table. Look in dark shades.
Orderly attire of a perfectionist | Image By, Shutterstock

Perfectionism may be the ultimate self-defeating behavior. It turns people into slaves of success — but keeps them focused on failure, dooming them to a lifetime of doubt and depression. It also winds up undermining achievement in the modern world. — Hara Estroff Maran, Editor at Large,

Perfectionism stifles creativity, innovation, and spontaneity. While the phenomenon is rising with the advent of helicopter or bulldozer parenting, the trait is also becoming more present in the corporate realm.

The Scaled Agile Framework seems counterintuitive to everything agile represents, let’s dig deeper.

Why build more hierarchy and structure? | Image By gui jun peng, Shutterstock

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) empowers complex organizations to achieve the benefits of Lean-Agile software and systems development at scale. —

Four years ago, I interviewed with a prominent green branded Canadian Bank for a SAFe Agile Coach position. Three days leading up to the interview, I immersed myself in SAFe, trying to understand the framework before the big day. During the interview, the two individuals asked me to draw the entire SAFe framework on a whiteboard and walk them through it. …

Here we review a specific use case, powerful themes, and outcomes.

People working in a collaborative team | Image By, Shutterstock

This week I began the journey of working with a brand new agile team. What a joyful opportunity! To form our space, on Day One, we co-created a Design Alliance, building a sustainable agreement or blueprint for how our team will behave and interact together.

Lisa Bradburn

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