Here, I dive into my passion for Coaching and Psychotherapy, where I am today in my journey, and what the future holds.

Picture of Lisa Bradburn, January 2020.

The following autobiographical interview is taken from the health and wellness publication and repurposed for Medium.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born, and do you still live in your birth country? Tell us a little about your family and what made you choose your current field.

Hello and welcome! My name is Lisa Bradburn; let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in the north end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. …

How do we relate to sexuality within ourselves and others? Let’s explore through the lens of Gestalt psychotherapy.

Sexy farmer with onions | Image By Anel Alijagic, Shutterstock

Sexuality is not just about sex. Many facets impact the way we relate to sexuality within ourselves and with others. Consider the list through the lens of culture, sexual orientation, gender identity and, personal history. This article explores how Gestalt psychotherapy views sexuality and follows with an exercise to bring deeper self-awareness of your relationship with sexuality, illuminating areas of comfort and discomfort for further exploration — should you chose the adventure.

Gestalt psychotherapy views sexuality as energy. The Gestalt Cycle of Awareness, seen below, is considered an entire flow of energy. In a later article, I will explore the…

Respond with immediate concern, care, and compassion.

Mass group of people congregate in Mumbai
Mass group of people congregate in Mumbai
Crowds In Mumbai, India | Image By CRS PHOTO, Shutterstock

Pretend you work on a team primarily comprised of offshore members from India. Quite a plausible consideration.

For a moment, let’s also assume you have never physically met your coworkers, except via video conferencing.

Also realistic.

Say your critical offshore Development Lead gets Covid-19 and will be out of commission for some time.

What is the best way to respond for maximum impact?

Our team faced this particular challenge.

Here, we discuss how Covid-19 impacts remote agile teams while also providing a compassionate idea on how best to respond to the person you serve.

Like many global cultures, Indian families…

Communicating with strangers makes us feel less lonely, opens the door to new friendships, and establishes our community presence.

Post-Covid: How to make a social connection in a sea of anonymous people | Image By BABAROGA, Shutterstock

When I moved from Toronto to Manhattan in 2017, I had zero social connections. And I quickly discovered if I didn’t start talking to people, I’d become a lonely, miserable person. In this article, we examine current technological challenges preventing us from engaging in small talk. I provide a short tale of how I met people in New York City, followed by tips on how you can sharpen your social skills and meet people the old-fashioned way — in person!

Now I’m fortunate for two reasons. I don’t suffer from social anxiety and have the utmost compassion for those who…

Let’s examine a recent interaction from a psychological perspective using the Theory of Self-Determination.

Forex Trading MLM
Forex Trading MLM
Unimaginable and hypothetical wealth awaits according to Forex-Crypto Traders | Image By nullplus, Shutterstock

Over the last year, have you noticed your LinkedIn inbox exploding with requests from so-called Forex Traders trying to entice you to buy cryptocurrency? I certainly have. At least 3–5 requests per week. Let’s review one recent encounter through the lens of Self Determination Theory, a psychological concept; and how you can prevent yourself from getting snared into scams.

A Real-Life Scenario

The following is a recent real-life encounter on LinkedIn where an individual, “Vanessa,” attempted to solicit me into joining her cryptocurrency scheme. …

Metaphors are a perfect way to assess your “Current Way Of Being” and reveal how to shift to a “New Way Of Being.”

Flock Of Geese, New Way Of Being Metaphor | Image By Gino Santa Maria, Shutterstock

When I raise my level of consciousness I am a more heart-centric, effective leader. — Lisa Bradburn

If you seek to develop your leadership skills, possessing self-awareness is the most effective competency toward understanding how you are the instrument of change. What does this mean?

This article explores the concept of self as an instrument, accompanied by the influence of Gestalt theory. Next, we will look at how metaphors provide deep insight into our current way of being. By evaluating our present reactive state, we can create a unique metaphor that moves into the desired, new way. Throughout the article…

Most organizations do not understand what coaching is, nor are they receptive to it. Here, I describe my journey and how I overcame challenges.

What Does The Future Of Agile Coaching Hold? | Image By Master1305, Shutterstock

In January 2020, I had a phone interview for an Agile Coach position with a Director from a Toronto-based digital supply chain company. The interviewer asked if I’d like to jump into a coaching conversation, and I obliged. Over the next few minutes, I tried my best to wear a coaching hat, although, in the end, my attempt did not demonstrate the capabilities the Director was seeking. What went wrong?

In parallel to the phone interview, I was halfway through the ICAgile Enterprise Coach Certification, an intensive 9-month program. Part of the curriculum involved demonstrating the coaching capability and required…

Now is the best time to reflect, create a moral inventory, and take personal responsibility for actions.

An apology | Image By s_karau, Shutterstock

There’s never been a better time to say I’m sorry. Covid has granted me time and space to reflect on the past and see the errors of my ways. Where have I missed the mark? Many people deserve a sincere apology.

I became familiar with the Alcoholics Anonymous fourth step through a close family member who attended the program. The power of self-assessment and of understanding oneself is a beautiful and necessary practice regardless of whether someone possesses an addiction or not. What I’m particularly enamored with is the concept of making what calls:

making a searching, fearless moral…

What if you were in a position to become a change-maker within your organization? The C-Suite Retro reveals you already are.

Executive standing on open rooftop balcony watching city night view | Image By jamesteohart, Shutterstock

Have you ever felt your agile retrospectives have become stale as old crusty toast? Maybe the team's level of engagement is dwindling off, and instead, people are scrolling their social media feeds. Or perhaps the team needs a solid injection of F.U.N. Have no fear; I’ve witnessed all of these scenarios too and know first hand there are ways to switch up the dismal for the dazzle!

Two years ago, I was a Senior Scrum Master consulting at Royal Bank of Canada, a top Canadian financial institution. …

If clothes constitute a uniform, what idea are we signaling to others?

Punk rock girl | Image By mazeroom, Shutterstock

Our clothes are a uniform we wear, signaling our personality to the world. Clothes spark the idea of who we think we are and what group we see ourselves as belonging to. But our way of dressing might also carry important information about particular anxieties. What are we trying to protect ourselves from through our clothes? Here, I provide three unique examples demonstrating how our clothing choices relay much more profound information about our personhood. …

Lisa Bradburn

Agile Coach and Psychotherapist-In-Training at the intersection of technology and the human condition. Let’s chat:

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